Medical equipment repair and inspections for doctor’s offices and surgery centers

Biomedical equipment inspection

Contact us for periodic biomedical equipment inspections

Biomedical Repair Services of Texas provides routine inspections of your medical equipment to keep it in top condition and to detect any problems that need to be repaired.

Additional benefits from this program

✓  Our services help find small problems that can save on future repairs
✓  You are able to save money on small repairs such as scale calibrations
✓  We give your clinic a reliable inventory listing of medical equipment (recorded by serial number, location, facility tag number, etc.)

Make sure you are in compliance for regulatory agency visits

In addition, the diligence of our biomedical equipment technicians will help you be prepared for regulatory agency visits to check your medical equipment. Several regulatory agencies conduct periodic checks of medical facilities to ensure that all medical equipment is being maintained and tested on a regular basis.


Texas Department Of Health: Rule 135.10, D.8.e
All equipment, including emergency equipment, shall be properly maintained and periodically tested. Additional information can be found at www.dshs.state.tx.us.

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services: Rule 485.62, C.1
All equipment is properly maintained and equipment needing periodic calibration is calibrated consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services: Rule 486.163, B
All essential mechanical, electrical, and patient-care equipment is maintained in safe operating condition, and is properly calibrated.

NFPA: Rule 7-
All appliances used in patient care areas shall be tested before being put into service for the first time. Patient-care-related electrical appliances shall be retested at these intervals: general care areas – 12 months; critical care areas – 6 months.

We are authorized service depots for Tuttnauer, MTI and Mac Medical.